7 Ways To Make Yoga Practice Great Fun

7 Ways To Make Yoga Practice Great Fun

“Life is about enjoying, not trying to survive.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
If you agree with the above quote, I invite you to read this positive text by Anna Coventry.

yoga fun and smile
“Do you realize how much effort it costs to enjoy what we do? It is similar with yoga. When you spend good time on the mat, you are more motivated to exercise regularly.
Personally, I love to laugh, so if yoga classes get too serious, I’m looking for a teacher who can make me laugh. I realize that these classes may not introduce me to the deepest states of internal connection, but the joy I feel inspires me and balances serious moments spent on the mat.

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If you want to introduce a bit of carefree fun and pleasure into your yoga practice, I have 7 simple tips for you.

  1. Smile.

Yogis look pretty serious! I noticed it only when I started to teach yoga myself. When I asked my students about taking the warrior pose for a minute or two, I noticed that everyone looked as if they were about to take their driving test or visit a dentist.
Here’s a tip: the next time you need to hold a difficult pose, try to raise the corners of your mouth with a slight smile and I guarantee you that you will immediately start to enjoy more of your practice.
yoga positions on the arms

  1. Give Shoulders A Chance.

Positions in which you raise your arms are a great injection of good energy and fun! I know they can be difficult, but trying to do them can be very encouraging and enjoyable, even if you don’t go up straight away.

  1. Let go of the thrilling music.

I love music created for practicing yoga and I often play it in the background, but I must admit that it makes my practice too serious. I like to balance serious practice with a little bit of fun. When I want to invite some more fun on my mat, I play optimistic and thrilling pieces .
I may not find spiritual enlightenment this way, but I will definitely feel more uplifted and strong.

  1. Practice With A Friend.

If you want to add more energy to your Sun Salutation practice, invite a friend to class or practice together at an online yoga session. After class, go for a good cocktail or coffee and talk about what you liked in this practice.
yoga positions for opening the chakras

  1. Practice the poses that activate the sacral chakra.

The sacred chakra is really important for maintaining balance. When energy is not suppressed, negative emotions arise that can make our perspective become very self-centered.
When we work on poses that activate sacral chakras, such as the position of the cobra (Bhujangasana) or the dog with the head up (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana), we can transform our energy and perspective into joyful, creative expression and optimism.

  1. Practice Positions That Open Your Heart.

Life sometimes lets you down on things that make you feel as if you have to lift the weight of the world on your shoulders. When this happens, you usually feel a feeling of heaviness in the heart region.
A feeling of lightness can be provided by backward bending postures. When we bend back, we feel that our cage is opening. This physical action makes us make more room for light and love in our heart.
colorful yoga clothes

  1. Wear brightly colored clothes

I know that the color of my yoga outfit will not lead me to Samadhi (meditative absorption), but when I’m focused on playing, I put on a pair of bright colored pants and I feel more eager to go to class right away! “
Certainly we missed something here! What are your ways to incorporate fun and infectious positive energy into yoga practice? Share with us in the comments!

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