7 Ways To Make Yoga Practice Great Fun

7 Ways To Make Yoga Practice Great Fun

“Life is about enjoying, not trying to survive.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
If you agree with the above quote, I invite you to read this positive text by Anna Coventry.

yoga fun and smile
“Do you realize how much effort it costs to enjoy what we do? It is similar with yoga. When you spend good time on the mat, you are more motivated to exercise regularly.
Personally, I love to laugh, so if yoga classes get too serious, I’m looking for a teacher who can make me laugh. I realize that these classes may not introduce me to the deepest states of internal connection, but the joy I feel inspires me and balances serious moments spent on the mat.

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If you want to introduce a bit of carefree fun and pleasure into your yoga practice, I have 7 simple tips for you.

  1. Smile.

Yogis look pretty serious! I noticed it only when I started to teach yoga myself. When I asked my students about taking the warrior pose for a minute or two, I noticed that everyone looked as if they were about to take their driving test or visit a dentist.
Here’s a tip: the next time you need to hold a difficult pose, try to raise the corners of your mouth with a slight smile and I guarantee you that you will immediately start to enjoy more of your practice.
yoga positions on the arms

  1. Give Shoulders A Chance.

Positions in which you raise your arms are a great injection of good energy and fun! I know they can be difficult, but trying to do them can be very encouraging and enjoyable, even if you don’t go up straight away.

  1. Let go of the thrilling music.

I love music created for practicing yoga and I often play it in the background, but I must admit that it makes my practice too serious. I like to balance serious practice with a little bit of fun. When I want to invite some more fun on my mat, I play optimistic and thrilling pieces .
I may not find spiritual enlightenment this way, but I will definitely feel more uplifted and strong.

  1. Practice With A Friend.

If you want to add more energy to your Sun Salutation practice, invite a friend to class or practice together at an online yoga session. After class, go for a good cocktail or coffee and talk about what you liked in this practice.
yoga positions for opening the chakras

  1. Practice the poses that activate the sacral chakra.

The sacred chakra is really important for maintaining balance. When energy is not suppressed, negative emotions arise that can make our perspective become very self-centered.
When we work on poses that activate sacral chakras, such as the position of the cobra (Bhujangasana) or the dog with the head up (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana), we can transform our energy and perspective into joyful, creative expression and optimism.

  1. Practice Positions That Open Your Heart.

Life sometimes lets you down on things that make you feel as if you have to lift the weight of the world on your shoulders. When this happens, you usually feel a feeling of heaviness in the heart region.
A feeling of lightness can be provided by backward bending postures. When we bend back, we feel that our cage is opening. This physical action makes us make more room for light and love in our heart.
colorful yoga clothes

  1. Wear brightly colored clothes

I know that the color of my yoga outfit will not lead me to Samadhi (meditative absorption), but when I’m focused on playing, I put on a pair of bright colored pants and I feel more eager to go to class right away! “
Certainly we missed something here! What are your ways to incorporate fun and infectious positive energy into yoga practice? Share with us in the comments!

How to Find a Good Yoga Teacher?

How to Find a Good Yoga Teacher?

Choosing the right classes tailored to your individual needs can be a real challenge. I assure you: everyone can find a good yoga teacher and, consequently, classes for themselves. It’s good to know what benefits a real yogi teacher has.
good yoga teacher

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Here are some basic tips on how to find the right yoga teacher:

In class, qualified teachers teach you in a concise manner late along with tips on how to stay safe . Usually they use techniques, for example: “If you slouch, extend your arms up until you eliminate curves on the back.” This type of progress without feeling pain is crucial. A conscious teacher will offer modifications and changes to allow you to improve your attitude without harming yourself.


I am in favor of challenging students and encouraging them to work hard. There is no substitute for sweat. However, yoga should be fun and positive. If it turns into stiff and serious practice, it becomes hard work and you can eventually burn out quickly. I always try to see the good in every student. Every day is different, and a good teacher tries to give us everything without aggression or humiliation. If you have questions, the teacher should remain at your disposal before or after class.

good yoga teacher

A good yoga teacher is inspiration and motivation for your students. However, he is able to lead them through the next limits of their possibilities in a safe manner, at the right pace.


Best practice is one that does not exceed our physical and mental limits. A teacher who will help you cross this threshold in an intelligent way is a real treasure. These types of activities will allow you to develop smoothly and have an appetite for more.


Good yoga classes will put you in a good mood. My classes always have a simple theme, i.e. endurance, commitment and patience. Other technical elements of yoga teaching are necessary, but if you do not feel aware and present, you will not experience complete practice. This is what makes yoga unique. It connects the body and mind, and with proper teaching inspires changes in our lives. We all know the stereotypical yoga songs – funny, lengthy sounds make you regret the lack of headphones. A real teacher should be completely himself. Should avoid using jargon and communicating with students in everyday language. His unique personality should inspire students. A good teacher is also honest and real. He will be confident enough to draw your attention when you do something wrong. At the same time, a good yoga teacher should be humble, full of sensitivity and humanity. Without pretending to be perfect.

Strength and peace

Although mixing exercises is recommended, you should not forget about consistency. When a yoga teacher is well prepared for classes and confident that he is doing something he loves, it will contribute to the natural progress of the whole group of students. I always teach the same poses for at least 10 to 15 minutes in every class. It’s a good teaching method, preparing students who know the basic poses that are the basis for the more advanced.

good yoga teacher
A good yoga teacher is characterized by strength and peace. It is not about slowness, quietness or other popular associations. The teacher should build the feeling that he knows what and why he is doing.

A good yoga teacher should encourage and support you. Yoga should make you feel good being at your side with all your imperfections. The wrong assumption in yoga is that you feel bliss all the time. In fact, yoga aims to evoke all the emotions that we encounter in life. Recalls feelings of happiness and carefree as well as difficult feelings of confrontation and frustration. Yoga should teach how to navigate these emotions.

The most important thing is for the classes to be effective. Punching and developing your physicality is fun, but it only counts if it inspires you to do the things you like the most in life. If that doesn’t help you live your life to the fullest, what’s the point?

Yoga does not have a standard set that all teachers should have. Instead, there are some certificates attesting the completion of courses. Most yoga centers require you to submit them, but this is not mandatory. Teachers should have a broad yoga foundation and a healthy approach. Read the teacher’s biography on the center’s website before signing up for classes. Make sure this teacher has completed yoga teaching courses. If there is no biography on the site, you can ask the center or the teacher directly. This information will allow you to decide if it is right for you. If suppose you are a former athlete with a long history of injuries, it would probably be best to sign up for a former athlete who was helped by yoga during the recovery process.

The best way

However, the best way to find out if a yoga teacher is right for you is to go to a class. “Seek and you will find” – of course you can be lucky and during the first class to find your right teacher and classes ideal for you. However, if you have doubts, after some time given to yourself and your teacher, keep trying!

Can I have breakfast before yoga in India?

Can I have breakfast before yoga in India?

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Because of my schedule, I prefer to practice yoga in the morning rather than in the evening. And here the question arises: can I have breakfast before yoga?

Hi! Because of my schedule, I prefer to practice yoga in the morning rather than in the evening. However, I have a problem because I don’t know if I can exercise on an empty stomach? Can I have breakfast before yoga?

Our body cleans and regenerates during sleep, which is why yoga is best practiced in the morning before the first meal.

The body is cleansed and the body prepared for new challenges.

Secondly, if you do abdominal exercises, such as Nauli Kriya or Uddiyana Bandha , during practice , it is advisable to have an empty stomach.

breakfast before yoga

Morning is the best time to practice yoga
Another reason for practicing yoga in the morning is the lack of ailments that some may experience during the day.

The practice of yoga with a full stomach significantly reduces the comfort of exercise and can lead to unpleasant ailments such as heartburn or reflux disease.

In addition, morning practice is a good warm-up. Already 10-15 minutes of yoga in the morning will make you stimulate thinking and body to action.

Maybe try yoga instead of morning coffee?

Metaphysically speaking: in the “empty” body there is a lot of room for the development of the spirit.

breakfast before yoga

What and when can you eat before yoga?
Heavy meals should be eaten at least 4 hours before yoga practice (especially if you choose meat dishes).
A light vegetarian meal or salad can be eaten 2 hours before practice.
Vegetables and fruits can be eaten at least an hour before practice.
It is best to avoid drinking colored carbonated drinks (not just before practice).
If you feel that you have no strength, energy and you are weak, you can eat a tablespoon of honey or peanut butter, a handful of almonds, a banana, a cube of dark chocolate. You will provide the right amount of calories without burdening your stomach.
breakfast before yoga

It is worth approaching the morning practice individually.

If you feel that mornings are not a good time to practice, then don’t worry about it. Remember that yoga is for you. Choose the right time, place and … just practice.

This entry is part of a series of questions and answers about yoga practice

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Why does yoga in the morning stimulate better than a cup of coffee at Yoga School in Rishikesh?

Why does yoga in the morning stimulate better than a cup of coffee at Yoga School in Rishikesh?

We do not urge you to give up coffee completely, but maybe morning yoga will be perfect and sufficient stimulation for you?

Each of us performs our rituals everyday, which often result from habits. Mornings can be difficult, especially when our getting out of bed is accompanied by darkness or unfavorable weather outside Yoga in Rishikesh.

No wonder the first ritual that most of us probably do is make good coffee.

If you agree with the above statement, I have a suggestion for you: try to start your day with other, healthier activities that will bring similar results.

Of course, we do not urge you to completely give up coffee, but maybe morning yoga will be perfect and sufficient stimulation for you?

Why does morning yoga stimulate better than coffee?

  1. Yoga in the morning gives us a boost of positive energy for the whole day
    Asanas based on the stimulation of the energy of the sacred chakra make creativity circulate much better in your body. In addition, endorphins are produced during exercise, which give us energy and joy throughout the day.
  2. Yoga improves blood circulation
    Some asanas help relieve the work of the heart and maintain proper blood circulation in the body. Among other things, it is worth making inverted positions, e.g. bridge or candle.

morning yoga

  1. Yoga increases joint flexibility and firms the body
    The body in the morning is stiff and it is then worth practicing yoga.
  2. Burn fat
    Exercising in the morning we burn fat and remove toxins from the body. This is because we stimulate our metabolism.
  3. Yoga helps maintain mental clarity
    In the morning we do not think so much about our responsibilities, nor do we analyze all the situations that have happened to us, thanks to which we focus more on practice.
  4. The quality of your breathing will change
    Deep breathing and the right amount of oxygen will guarantee a great day.

morning yoga

  1. Yoga relieves headaches
    You explain the morning headache with a drop in pressure, lack of sleep and you reach for coffee immediately. Be sure to try yoga, which relieves muscle tension, reduces stress and encourages deep breathing.
  2. Yoga speeds up metabolism
    Practice stimulates internal organs, thanks to which you are able to control your appetite.
  3. Yoga improves the quality of sleep
    Insomnia is closely related to stress and inability to calm the mind, and after a sleepless night you can feel powerless. Instead of saving yourself by taking another nap, try regular yoga practice that will help you regain balance of mind and body.

morning yoga

  1. Yoga helps to maintain a correct body posture
    Do you slouch During the asana practice, you develop the habit of correct body posture. Strengthened muscles will help keep your back straight every day.
  2. Yoga improves the work of the heart
    Yoga practice works as well for our heart as cardio training. Regular exercise reduces the risk of having a heart attack, atherosclerosis, diabetes or other diseases.
  3. Yoga in the morning helps you relax
    Calm breathing and relaxed muscles will release the body from tension. You can achieve all this by practicing yoga every morning.

Yoga in the morning or evening? See Facebook Live, during which Magda Bałdys, a yoga teacher, discusses all pros and cons:

  1. Yoga improves concentration
    An “injection” of morning yoga instead of a decent dose of coffee – this will improve your concentration!
    Give yourself a morning moment of pleasure, don’t get out of bed immediately, make sure to start your day with respect for yourself and your body. You will see that after morning practice you will feel much better.

When you practice yoga once a week – you change your mind. When twice a week – you change your body. And by practicing everyday – you change your life.

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